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by the thrill of producing 

scalable systems

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My staffing company provides employment to hundreds of seasoned sales professionals, models, dancers and actors for mid-size and Fortune 500 brands. 


We operate nationwide on a daily basis in Costco and Sam's Club.

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RESA Wearables 3D prints custom medical-grade insoles in about 1 hour inside of retail stores while you shop. It doesn't get more LOCAL than that.

Launched in Macy's Herald Square and Costco

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Visit the heart of the Catskill Mountains and enjoy a stay at one of the 11 luxury residential properties in the Catskill Ventures portfolio.


Our plan for the 4 commercial properties will bring much-needed amenities to this millennial and family destination. 


The development of an adventure ropes course, restaurant and deli/market will provide local employment and new spaces for community events.  


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Our collection of mountain chic, fine furnishings and accessories were sourced carefully from around the world by me and my partner.  Our summer pop-up shop in the Catskills was eclectic featuring new, like-new and vintage items. Together we master-minded the design of the retail space.  


We provide private home decor shopping,

in-home design, and staging services as our schedules allow.  



Casting, envisioning, planning and art directing marketing photo and video shoots is my happy place.


Expressing the personality of a retail brand requires an understanding of consumer diversity, story-telling and clean imagery that translates onto digital platforms.  My years of professional work in entertainment, paired with extensive exposure to major marketing campaigns with Fortune 500 companies has helped to develop my fresh approach.

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